Matched Funding for Corporates

Is your company looking for a more effective and efficient way to give to health charities?

Do you wish you could make your gifts go further? Do you lack the time or staff resources to assess hundreds of competing requests and distribute donations? Are you unsure of the health needs in your local and national community?

The Hospital Saturday Fund’s new matched giving programme offers you a solution:

  • Support multiple UK or Irish health charities with one donation.
  • Choose a health theme, or geographic region, that is important to your business*.
  • Give publicly or discreetly, on a single, multi-year, or endowment basis.
  • Let our experienced charity team manage the grant-making process for you – from finding the charities, assessment and due diligence, through to grant distribution and impact reporting.
  • And best of all, we will match your donation £ for £, doubling the impact of your philanthropy! For example, if you give £20,000 to The Hospital Saturday Fund for cancer causes, we will spend £40,000.**

Why The Hospital Saturday Fund?

The Hospital Saturday Fund has been supporting people in times of illness or medical need for over 150 years. Since becoming a charity in 2007 we have distributed £15 million to over 6,378 good causes and our giving now totals £2.3 million a year.

We have the expertise and infrastructure to help your company achieve your grant-making goals, whilst fulfilling our own ambition of distributing more funds to causes we care about across the UK and Ireland. By pooling our resources we can save time, support more worthwhile charities, and positively impact more people’s lives.

​Contact the charity team on 020 7202 1365 or email to get involved.

​* Minimum donation of £500.
** Minimum donation of £500. Maximum matching cap may apply.