HSF Health Plan

HSF Health Plan is the trading company of The Hospital Saturday Fund. The health plan is available throughout the UK and Ireland.

Health plans are an easy and affordable way to help spread the cost of health care. In the UK, this helps covers the cost of health care not covered free by the NHS; in Ireland, HSF Health Plan is a great complement to Private Medical Insurance or is a low cost alternative to traditional health insurance.

Our health plans


Individual, Family and Corporate

HSF Health Plan provides three main health plan schemes; individual, family and corporate. You can apply online for an individual or family scheme. Corporate schemes are provided via an employer.

Wide range of benefits

We offer a wide range of health benefits and services and our flexible health plans can reimburse you up to 100% for a wide range of healthcare costs. So with our dental and optical category, for example, you receive cash back after you have spent on both your eyesight and your teeth. Our health plans also cover chiropractic, homoeopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and a number of complementary treatments such as osteopathy.

For more details on HSF Health Plan, visit www.hsf.eu.com or call us on 0800 917 2208.

All profits made by HSF Health Plan are channelled to The Hospital Saturday Fund. This allows us to support medically-associated charities and individuals in the form of grants.

“All those who join HSF Health Plan, just by belonging, are making a contribution to the important work of the charity, not something which usually happens when an insurance policy is taken out.”

Paul Jackson, Group Chief Executive, The Hospital Saturday Fund